WHERE I’LL BE AT: Carnarvon Gorge

Out where?
Welcome to part deux of WERE I’LL BE AT.

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Carnarvon Gorge is an oasis in the heart of Central Queensland (Carnarvon National Park).


Takin’ in Carnarvon and all its ‘GORGEousness’ lolol

A look down at the gorge.

A look down at the gorge – seems very Jurassic Park-esque

Yes, one of my excursions will take me to Carnarvon Gorge – much of which is located in Carnarvon National Park, approx. 400 mi. (8ish-hr. drive) from Brizzy. This is the Outback portion of my program. Let’s digress and address the elephant in the room:

Gorge – a narrow valley between hills or mountains, typically with steep rocky walls and a stream running through it (Oxford Dictionaries).

gorge canyon 

The Grand Canyon is as 'gorge' as it gets.

The Grand Canyon (U.S.) is as ‘gorge’ as it gets.

Carnarvon Gorge is approx. 19 mi. long and not the Outback you’re thinking of. You won’t find overpriced food or sand dunes here! Really, the Outback (or brush) refers to all AUS land outside city limits – mostly uninhabited. The gorge serves as an oasis to the brush.


The springs of the gorge support a mosaic of habitats, home to an enormous diversity of life (Carnarvon National Park).


Echidnas, wallabies (small kangaroos) and sugar gliders make up much of the gorge’s mammal population.

Carnarvon fan palm

Carnarvon fan palm

Us students will be staying at Takarakka Bush Resort in safari tents.

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I believe this is what I’ll be staying in.

Takarakka has its own platypus pool.

Takarakka has its own platypus pool.

At the gorge, we’ll be observing the diverse ecology & geological formations on various hikes. We’ll also be exposed to some Aboriginal history & culture. Along with observing an Aboriginal ceremony, our program leader, Dr. Kris Wilson, mentioned we’ll be given a trapping lesson (as in animal trapping – he didn’t sound overly enthused about this). Thanks to the extremely dark night conditions of the gorge, we’ll spend time not only observing nocturnal wildlife, but constellations & galaxies as well.

Aboriginal art, Carnarvon Gorge

Aboriginal art, Carnarvon Gorge

Carnarvon Gorge Night Sky

Carnarvon Gorge Night Sky

Our major goal of exploring environmental issues in AUS is to compare & contrast environmental beliefs & attitudes across cultures and the different ways of adapting to climate change. – Dr. Wilson


WHERE I’LL BE AT: Brisbane “briz-bin”

Welcome to the first installation of WHERE I’LL BE AT. These posts will touch on the different places in AUS I’ll be visiting. My abroad program is far from stationary – It’ll have me conduct field work in the Outback, rainforest and of course, Great Barrier Reef.


Brisbane, Brizzy, Bris Vegas – All these refer to the star of Queensland – Brisbane.


Brisbane is in the center of AUS’ eastern coast, in the SE corner of Queensland

Brisbane perfection

Brisbane – another word for ‘Utopia’

Brizzy (my fave) easily seems like one of the best places to live on Earth. Lucky for me, it will serve as my home base and newsroom. While I’m there, I’ll be staying at the Brisbane City YHA. Here, I’ll be compiling & composing content gathered from my excursions to the Outback, rainforest & Great Barrier Reef.


Not too shabby for a youth hostel if you ask me – View from Brisbane City YHA’s roof

Serving as the capital of Queensland, Brizzy is over 2,000 sq. miles (think Delaware) and home to more than 2 million Aussies. It boasts hot to warm temperatures year round – I’ll be there during AUS’ winter; but to give some perspective, 2005 was the first time Brizzy endured freezing temps.  The city itself is hilly, situated along the Brisbane River and next to the Pacific.


Streets Beach, Brisbane

Including the hilly & river aspects, lately I’ve heard that Austin (my home) & Brizzy share many similarities. I’ve even heard Brisbane is the Austin of Australia. There seem to be those green, chill and up-and-coming vibes resonating from Brizzy’s core. In addition to those qualities, I hear Brisbane also values its athleticism & live music.


Story Bridge, Brisbane

Brisbanites vs. Austinites 

Stuff People from Brisbane Say 

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Sh*t Austinites Say